More Than Welcome


The feeling of rejection is one of the most brutal emotions a human being can attempt to navigate. It’s virtually, if not absolutely, impossible not to take any degree of rejection personally. When a school rejects your application, when a potential employer rejects your resume, when that wonderful person rejects the idea of your being their significant other, it’s nothing but personal. When a parent leaves the home, a child won’t answer his parents’ phone calls, or when a spouse walks out, we feel the reverberations of the unspoken statement, “I don’t want you.” It can shake us to the core. But rejection is as inevitable as tomorrow’s sunrise.

What we desire is complete acceptance. To be loved without condition. To be given the chance to start fresh with no record of wrongs. And despite the best intentions of those who profess to love us, we will only ever receive total acceptance from the King of the Universe and only because of what Jesus did when He took our sins to the cross and paid for them in full. Now there is no condemnation, guilt or shame. Now we can draw near to the King’s Throne of Grace with boldness, with NOTHING TO FEAR, because we have been adopted into the family with full rights as His sons and daughters. The King of kings is our Father! When we believe that, the world can reject us and it won’t matter.

Remember the prodigal son’s fear of rejection upon his return. But the father surprised him with joy, acceptance, restoration and a celebration. We are not only accepted, we are more than welcome in His presence.

Est 5:2, Ex 22:27, I John 4:16-19, Heb 10:22, Eph 2:18, Eph 3:12, Heb 4:16